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Seed Sales


We have several varieties of corn seed available through our valued relationship with AgriGold. 


We have several varieties of soybeans from several different trait platforms that produce high yields.


Two varieties of high yielding soft red winter wheat are available to choose from.

     alter Seed Inc offers six varieties of treated and untreated soybeans, several corn varieties and two varieties of soft red winter wheat seed. We also offer consulting to determine the needs of your crops. We have teamed up with BW Fusion to utilize their nutrients and have found great success with them as well. 


We meticulously manage all aspects of seed production until it gets to your farm. We put extra nutrients and management into each plant and every field.  High-yield and deep roots are what makes us worth a try.  We grow for the success that the families rely on, and it shows in the quality we represent. Our goal is to increase your yield with our hand-selected seeds and innovative agronomy. 

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