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Agronomy Services

Root Analysis


To manage our product performance for the highest yields, we take soil samples along with tissue samples.

We take pride in our fertilization process. We run a balanced fertility program that ultimately will go into the seed that we provide. This includes but is not limited to zinc, boron and copper based on tissue and soil sampling.

We've put together some of the critical dates to be aware of during the growing season. See calendar.

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  • A vast database of tissue samples for analysis is used to fine-tune any program

  • Recommendations for nutrient usage and timing

  • Detailed monitoring and analysis processes to ensure that you achieve maximum results at harvest time.

  • With our guidance, you can maximize your potential for high yields and successful crops

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Seed Science

  • Soil samples along with tissue samples

  • Parent seed is acquired from industry leading breeders

  • We cull more than the industry standard

    • Resulting in larger than typical seed ​

  • Extra tests are done on our soybean seed

    • Cold test​

    • Cold saturated test

  • We constantly study the impacts of nutrients, fertilizers and climate on the crops

  • Test plots are utilized to keep accurate studies of varieties, nutrients and yield

  • Lab reports are available for any variety

Analysis Examples

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