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 e Are Walter Seed

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Greetings from the Walter family! Located in Harvard IL,  Walter Seed Inc is an independent family-owned company providing high-yield and hand selected quality seed.  Extensive experience in row-crop farming and a passion for growing, specifically pertaining to seed development in row crop, soil studies and crop health are what make us the first choice of our customers.

Our family-owned company takes extreme pride in growing excellent quality seed while keeping it at a good value.  During the early years, the farm boasted both a seed business and dairy cattle.  The tough decision was made as the seed business grew that the girls had to go.  This enabled us to focus solely on providing the best seed possible.

We meticulously manage all aspects of production in-house from the second our seed goes into the ground until it gets to your farm. We put extra nutrients and management into each plant and every field.

High yield and deep roots is what makes us worth a try. Many grow for the money, we grow for our name being on the bag. Our goal is to increase your yields with our hand selected seeds and innovative agronomy.

Our name is on the bag, and that means everything to us. Our seed is treated with "white gloves" throughout growth to harvest. We care deeply about what's in the bag because we know how important high quality, high yield seed is to our customers. We earn their trust one bag at a time. 

Walter Seed Bags
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